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Dutron Kanaflex Green PVC Hoses

Kanaflex is the most trusted name in flexible PVC hose pipes in India and around the world. It is most suited for suction and delivery of liquids/gases in varied applications. Its biggest strengths against rubber hoses are convenient, lightweight and flexible. At Dutron, the hose pipe is being manufactured with technical know-how from Totaku Industries, Inc. Osaka, Japan since late 1960s.

Composition : The hose is composed of spiral reinforcement of Rigid PVC into Soft PVC.

Dutron Kanaflex Green PVC Hose pipes Ideal for Medium Duty Suction & Delivery of water for irrigation purpose in agriculture, saline water, light acids, alkalies and other chemicals except for solvents.

Dutron Kanaflex Hose Pipes


3/4" 20 MM
1" 25 MM
1¼" 30 MM
1½" 40 MM
2" 50 MM
21/2" 65 MM
3" 75 MM
4" 100 MM

Heavy Duty Hoses

Ideal for heavy duty suction and delivery of abrasive materials in industries such as coal & mineral mines, stone & lime quarries, shipping, sewerage disposal, aqua culture, paper mills, cement, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil exploration, construction etc.



6" 150 MM