STAR Pipes and Fittings an ISO certified company traces its lineal roots to the prescience, the insight, the commitment of a man who believed in pitching his dreams beyond the confines of the banal.

Clarity of vision and the foundation of assiduity has made STAR Pipes and Fittings grow from strength to strength to its acme now when it is indeed glittering on the industrial firmament of excellence with merchandise of global standards. Rigid PVC pipes, pipe fittings, flexible hose, and building materials, etc.

After the accolades rang in loud and clear, came the official commendation in 1988, indeed our coronation. STAR Pipes and Fittings became the first PVC Pipe fittings manufacturer in South India to be crowned with the ISI mark for quality. From then on, STAR Pipes and Fittings Pipes and Fittings has been continually straining its sinews to up the benchmark of quality through sedulous research and unstinting commitment to values. more...


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